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Video series "Fruits of life"

The series of video works "Fruits of Life" is dedicated to the memory of Ukrainian artists of the last century, who were true rebels, revolutionaries; they forever became the heroes of the Ukrainian soul.
They turned the totalitarian regime upside down, rebelled against the death of the individual, against injustice. Many of them were punished for their nature, their free spirit; killed by the Soviet authorities, destitute, but not forgotten.
They gave life to a new reality, expanded human consciousness, and a new generation of Ukrainians, free on their land, who grows and flourishes on the fruits of their creativity.


Film 1

The free spirit was in the artist Alla Gorskaya, "an eagle" who fought to the last for the freedom of her arrested artist friends.
The inspiration for the work was the mosaic panel of the artist "Bird Woman", another name of which is "Bereginya" (the one that protects).


Film 2

Volodymyr Ivasiuk created songs that became traditional ukrainian folk. His love for the Ukrainian soul and language united society and started Ukrainian pop music, and his song "Red Ruta" (mythical carpatian flower) became a symbol of the struggle for freedom of the Ukrainian people.



Film 3

Garnet color. The work is dedicated to the Ukrainian artist and film director Serhiy Paradzhanov. In spite of the impossible pain, humiliation, isolation, the artist continued his life in creativity, praised love and goodness, created hundreds of works of art during 15 years of captivity.
"These were the best years of my life" © Serhiy Paradzhanov



Film 4

Indomitable artist-heroes who left the earth too early continue their eternal life in their works. Reading the poems of the outstanding Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus, every time we give him back the voice that was taken from him during his lifetime.


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